Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Administration & Finance Staff
Head Office - Location
Robert Daniels, Chief Executive Officer
                  Maeengan Linklater, Ece Development Coord.
Erica Eden, Human Resource Officer
Theresa Myran, Executive Secretary
The    DOTC    administration    and    finance    office    is located    in    Long    Plain    First    Nation.    In    order    to provide     a     more     efficient     service     to     Member Nations,    a    centralized    location    was    chosen.    (The DOTC    administration    office    is shared    with    DOTC finance   and   also   equipped   with   a   major   storage facility   and   a   Boardroom.   The   Boardroom   hosts   all programs     within     DOTC     and     serves     as     a     cost efficient   measure,   providing   all   administrative   and financial services to member First Nations.)
Boardroom Bookings
DOTC     Boardroom     is     a     comfortable     and     air- conditioned   place   in   which   to   conduct   meetings   or workshops   for   up   to   15   persons.   Available   for   use are   all   necessary   things   such   as-   Projector   &   Screen displays,   flipchart   &   Board   &   coffee   services.   For further      information      and/or      bookings      please contact DOTC Administration at (204) 239-8650.
Webpage Postings
If you would like to add your event, job posting or changes to information on our website, please email
                    DOTC Administration at:
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Karen Bruno, Director of Finance
Jessica Ballantyne,
 General Ledger
Andrea Roberts, Accounts Payables Clerk
Jennifer, Henry, Accounts Receivable Clerk
Earl Amos, Payroll and Benefits Clerk
Robert Daniels
Karen Bruno
  Contact DOTC Administration & Finance at: Ph: 204-239-8650 Fax: 204-857-6037 Head Office Location: {Long Plain Reserve #6, Band #287} 5010 Crescent Road West Portage la Prairie, MB Mailing address: 230-5010 Crescent road west Keeshkeemaquah, MB R1N 4B1
Welcome to our new and updated Website We   bring   this   website   to   you   as   another   way   for   you   to   access   information about   DOTC   and   the   programs   and   services   we   provide.   It   is   our   hope   that   the DOTC   website   will   communicate   to   the   reader   how   for   the   future,   the   Tribal Council    intends    to    improve    services,    expand    facilities,    and    build    capacity among    staff    in    order    to    meet    future    challenges    and    serve    needs    of    our member First Nations. Over    the    past    thirty-eight    years,    the    Dakota    Ojibway    Tribal    Council    has witnessed    and    experienced    many    positive    and    rewarding    changes    in    the growth,   development   and   achievements   both   at   the   community   level   as   well as   collectively   for   our   respective   member   First   Nation   communities.   There   still remain   challenges   and   opportunities   that   need   to   be   addressed   individually and collectively. Many   of   the   accomplishments   and   successes   to   date   have   resulted   from   the collective   commitment   for   the   advancement   and   betterment   of   our   people through   the   delivery   of   programs   and   services   inherited   and   developed   since the   establishment   of   the   Tribal   Council.   Working   together   individually   and/or collectively   with   the   member   First   Nations,   DOTC   continually   aspires   to   meet the   goals   and   expectations   that   are   driven   by   the   mandate   to   achieve   true self-determination and real self-sufficiency for our respective First Nations. By   taking   up   the   new   challenges   before   us   and   by   advancing   our   hopes   and dreams   for   a   better   future,   we   will   once   again   be   able   to   enter   the   21st century with renewed hope, determination and resolve for our people. Regards, Chief Executive Officer, Robert Daniels
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