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D.O.C.F.D.C. - Dakota Ojibway Community Futures Development Corporation DOCFDC   is   the   forerunner   to   former   Dakota   Ojibway   Development   Group (DODG). Established   as   a   non-profit   corporation   in   1981,   DODG   was   to   facilitate   and promote   the   development   of   Indian   owned   enterprises   and   businesses.   In 1994,    DODG    and    DOCFDC    were    amalgamated    to    form    the    present    day DOCFDC. The   Dakota   Ojibway   Community   Futures   Development   Corporation   (Dakota Ojibway   CFDC)   assists   and   promotes   economic   development   activity   within the   Dakota   Ojibway   Tribal   Council   (DOTC)   region.   Dakota   Ojibway   CFDC   is supported    by    the    Government    of    Canada    through    Western    Economic Diversification Canada, under the Community Futures (CF) Program. The     purpose     of     the     program     is     to     support     community     economic development;   diversify   the   economy;   support   the   creation   and   expansion of    small    and    medium-sized    enterprises;    and    maintain    and    create    new employment within rural communities in Western Canada.
D.O.P.S. - Dakota Ojibway Police Services DOPS    was    established    in    1977    and    was    Canada's    first    Native    Law Enforcement   Agency.   DOPS   currently   has   detachments   in five   (5) at   Birdtail Sioux   First   Nation,   Canupawakpa   Dakota   Nation,   Roseau   River   Anishinabe First    Nation,    Sandy    Bay    First    Nation,    Sioux    Valley    Dakota    Nation,    and Waywayseecappo FIrst Nation. MISSION STATEMENT Strive   to   ensure   the   safety,   security,   trust   and   protection   of   the   First   Nation Communities:   Birdtail   Sioux,   Canupawakpa   Dakota   Nation,   Roseau   River, Sandy     Bay     and     Sioux     Valley.     Uphold     the     highest     standards     of professionalism   and   to   honor   the   cultures,   beliefs   and   traditions   of   the First Nations families and communities of which the Department services.
D.O.H.S. - Dakota Ojibway Health Services Dakota   Ojibway   Health   Services was   established   in   1987   to   assist   the   First Nations    in    the    pre-transfer    of    health    programs    and    services    to    the community   level,   and   to   research,   investigate   and   implement   a   holistic approach   to   the   delivery   of   health   related   programs   and   services,   taking into account traditional values, customs and beliefs. DOHS   offers   member   First   Nation   communities   with   Dakota   Ojibway   Health Services    and    these    services    include    a    variety    of    health    programs    and resources   to   assist   DOTC   Member   First   Nation   communities   with   a   wide range of health issues affecting our First Nation citizens.
Yellowquill College Yellowquill   College   was   established   in   1984   by   DOTC   as   a   First   Nation   post- secondary   institute   which   would   deliver   culturally   relevant   programs   for   the DOTC   communities.   The   college   was   established   based   on   the   philosophy   of "Indian   control   of   Indian   education".   To   this   day,   25   years   later,   Yellowquill College    continues    to    operate    and    deliver    various    programs    of    cultural relevance. The   college   is   small   in   comparison   to   other   educational   institutes;   however has   managed   to   maintain   a   steady   student   population   which   has   included students    from    across    the    country.    The    delivery    of    programs    began    on October 1, 1984 in the former Portage Residential School building. The   college   has   since   moved   to   its   current   location   at   480 Madison   Avenue in    Winnipeg    and,    it continues    to    deliver    culturally    relevant    programs. Programs   are   also   delivered   outside   of   Winnipeg   and   in   various   parts   of   the province   as   well   as   the   country   in   response   to   community   requests   for specific programming. 
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