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The   School   Maintenance   Training   Program   consists   the   following   staff   members   who   are regular    employees    of    the DOTC.    All    employees    are    subject    to    the    DOTC    Administrative Policy Manual.
School Maintenance Training Program
School Maintenance Training Program Staff
The      School      Maintenance      Training      Program (SMTP)    was    set    up    under    the    Dakota    Ojibway Tribal   Council   (DOTC)   to   develop   the   capacity   of staff    located    within    First    Nations    to    effectively operate   and   maintain   school   facilities.   The   focus of      this      program      is      on      the      upkeep      and maintenance   of   the   community   school   facilities, as   well   as   the   functionality   of   their   public   works department.
The   skill   level   of   the   personnel   in   the   First   Nation communities   must   be   at   a   standard   that   ensure the     facilities     are     operated     and     maintained properly,    and    ensure    the    health    and    safety    of users and beneficiaries.
Objective   of   the   program   is   to   identify   existing   gaps,   assess   needs   as   they   relate   to   building   and maintenance   personnel   at   the   community   level   and   to   help   insure   that   the   schools   facilities remain   a   healthy   and   safe   place   of   learning.   This   training   program   is   meant   to   compliment current technical support by providing training support for the maintenance of these facilities.
It   is   noted   that   that   there   are   gaps   in   the   effectiveness   of   the   current   community   maintenance programs.    The    reason    for    the    gaps    in    the    effectiveness    of    community    based    building maintenance   program   vary   from   community   to   community   but   it   is   often   affected   by   such factors,   such   as:   operators   skill   level,   remoteness   of   a   community   relative   to   urban   centres, access to skilled outside trades and financial resources other than those provided by INAC.
A     successful     community     based     maintenance     program     requires     effective     parnerships. Implementation   of   the   proposed   training   program   will   help   bridge   some   of   the   identified   gaps. Improved   linkages   will   result   in   better   enabling   the   communities   to   strengthen   their   community management    and    administration    systems    in    order    to    address    the    effectiveness    of    the maintenance   programs   at   that   level.   A   sound   public   works   maintenance   program   therefore covers a broad spectrum of activities.
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