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Social Development
The   program   is   responsible   for   providing   second   level   services   to   member   First   Nations   in    areas of:
In    1979    a    Social    Services    program    was    initiated    and    developed    that    included    urban    intake services    and    assisted    in    first    level    services    for    member    First    Nations    welfare    program.    First Nation   development   and   administration   of   their   own   social   service   department   led   to   second level services of Social Development Advisory as it exists today.
Social   Development   encompasses   the   whole   social-economic-health-education-cultural   aspects to    support    individuals,    families,    community    growth.    In    the    past    years,    social    development applied    only    to    income    assistance    delivery    and    management.    As    First    Nations    re-asserts    its traditional    role    in    this    field,    the    federal    government    is    recognizing    the    wider    scope    of    this concept of social development.
DOTC    Social    Development    is    committed    to    working    on    issues    with    this    holistic    perspective. Income    assistance    and    linkages    to    the    whole    field    of    social    services    support are    integral    to healthy individual and community well-being
The   implementation   and   advisory   aspects   of   the   activities   falling   within   the   above   areas   is determined   by   need   and   requirement   expressed   by   a   member   First   Nation.   Degree   of   flexibility of   activities   and   any   differentiation   is   governed   by   the   type   of   funding   agreements   entered between     a     First     Nation     and     INAC     -     First     comprehensive     and     Canada/Nation     Funding arrangments.
Long   Plain   and   Swan   Lake   First   Nations   have   CFNFA   arrangements allowing   for   flexibility   and opportunity   to   enhance   the   activities   through   integration   within   their   own   programs   and   with other federal and provincial programs.
First    Nations    with    CFA    arrangements have    limited    use    of    income    assistance    funds    through Aboriginal   Human   Resource   Skills   Development   (AHRSD),   Work   Opportunity   Program   (WOP), Aboriginal Social Assistance Recipients Employment Training (ASARET).
DOTC    remains    supportive    of    new    initiatives    and    pursuing    improvements    to    First    Nation program management. DOTC will continue to influence change for the future.
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